4CG to take over Cardigan’s toilets.

Chancery Lane Public Toilets in Cardigan,The public toilets in Cardigan town centre have been closed since July 2014 so, with local authority budget constraints meaning that they can no longer afford to maintain them, 4CG have agreed to take them over.

Since their closure nearly two years ago, the centre of Cardigan has been left without any public toilets. With the loss of Local Authority funding, Cardigan Town Council has been for some time looking at for a cost-effective solution to allow these essential facilities to reopen.

4CG have agreed to take over ownership of the toilets, in Chancery Lane and Feidrfair, fully renovate them, and commit to maintaining them for the future.

In exchange the Feidrfair Public Toilets in CardiganTown Council have provided a one-off grant of £8,000 toward the cost of the renovations.

Many other councils are outsourcing their toilets to Facilities Management Companies. In Cardigan, whilst there will still be a charge of 20p to use the new facilities, any revenues gained will now stay in the town and be put to use for other community projects.

The new renovated toilets will include baby-changing facilities and make maximum use of renewable energy when they open to the public – expected to be in May 2016.