4CG works with the community on a range of projects that support and invest in local enterprise.

Wherever possible we align our work with the priorities set out in the The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act - recently introduced legislation that aims to focus public bodies to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. The goals set out in the act are to create:

  • A prosperous Wales
  • A resilient Wales
  • A healthier Wales
  • A more equal Wales
  • A Wales of cohesive communities
  • A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language
  • A globally responsible Wales

Find out a bit more about each of the projects below:

Smartphone user connected to the Internet Rhwyd Teifi – Wifi for Cardigan - Cost-effective internet access in Cardigan - without a contract.
Cardigan High Street Shops Teifi Basket - Click and Collect Service coming soon to Cardigan
Car park run by 4CG in Cardigan Affordable Car Parking in Cardigan - Saving shoppers 70% on car parking in Cardigan.
Wild flowers Blooming Wild - Transforming space with wild flowers
Cardigan Fishermen Local Fish Produce - Cardigan Fish Market: There's something fishy going on!
Cardigan Toilets to be run by 4CG Toilet Takeover - 4CG agree to run Cardigan Town Centre's toilets